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Simone Arnol is a defendant of the Gunggandji Peoples through her father (with Sicilian heritage through her mother). She uses this strong connection to family and Country as a foundation for all of her art.

Keeping it grass roots while respecting the elders, the keepers of Knowledge - this is the deep underlying passion reflected throughout her practice.

Inspired by the many Elders, children and Traditional Owners that have been a part of her life through her working career in Indigenous Law and Native Title, she continues to expand herself as a developing, grassroots artist. Her stories flow strongly through her works on canvas, portraits on paper, photography and her true passion for textiles and clothing design.

Simone continues to experiment and progress through different mediums with each piece keeping within cultural and mainstream sustainability practices.

In more recent years she has worked in fashion curation, events, and design projects. She has showcased her work at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair’s Fashion Performances for the last 5 years and co-curated this premier event for the last 3 years. Simone was the first Indigenous Designer at The Australian Eco Fashion Week in Perth in 2017. Along with winning the National Indigenous Fashion Awards (NIFA) - Environmental and Sustainability Contribution category in 2021.

As seen in her past collections, Simone combines unique & modern designs with powerful narratives to convey true messages of her history and her people.


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