Keith Wikmunea



Born in




Lives in

Aurukun, Qld



Wik-Mungkan, Wik-Alken

Keith Wikmunea was born in 1967 in Aurukun.  He was raised in Aurukun by his parents.  Keith is from the Language group Wik-Alken (mother’s side) and Wik-Mungkan (father’s side). His totems are the White Cookatoo, Goanna from his father’s side and the Galah and Frilled-neck lizard from this mother’s side. Keith’s country is Kencherang (father’s side) which is south from Aurukun. There’s a large freshwater lagoon there. During the wet season the saltwater comes up the creek during the high tides. “There is one large creek that comes into that country which splits out into my mother’s country called Ti-tree”. When the freshwater breaks out in the wet season it joins with the creek at Kencherang and connects to the saltwater.  Keith belongs to the Apalech Clan from his father’s side. His mother’s side is the Winchanam Clan. As an artist, Keith is passionate about passing on his creative and cultural knowledge to future generations. His vision is for Wik and Kugu people to keep their culture strong and alive.

Courtesy of Wik & Kugu - Aurukun Art Centre