Kate Elsey



Born in



Perth, WA

Lives in



Kate Elsey is an Australian artist inspired by her unwavering love for nature, expressed through intricate landscapes and colour forms of abstract expressionism.

There is a metaphysical presence that enfolds our relationship with nature; a pulsing, rhythmic force that has forever carried our natural existence. It lies beneath our feet, reaches through the air and into the sky, only to descend back down again with seismic tranquility. It is the line of nature—an invisible rhythm—transmitted through endless networks that move in the background of our being, affording us life through its silent capillaries. Though we may not always see it or feel it, we are in perpetual connection to its baselines.

Elsey’s practice is supported by a particular empathy for the survival of life. She is absorbed in the natural world and the significance of our co-existence; through this lens, she creates tributes shaped by personal experiences.
An exhibiting artist since 1992, Kate Elsey developed her own scraping technique using varying sizes of metal paint scrapers ‘sculpting’ oil paint into form.  The inspiration behind her works comes from the beauty and theatre of the natural world in which she observes the way life interacts and connects. She aims to reflect the primordial conditions of our planet, embedding the rhythms of nature and translating the universal language of our fragile environment.


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