Dulcie Sharpe



Born in



Kwale Kwale (Jay Creek)

Lives in



Arrernte & Luritja

Dulcie Sharpe was born at Kwale Kwale (Jay Creek) but spent many years growing up at Hamilton Downs Station. Her mother was from Papunya and she is a Luritja speaker. Dulcie went to school at Kwale Kwale and says her happiest memories are playing every day after school in the bush and swimming when there was water. It was Dulcie’s grandmother, Old Laddie, who taught her everything about culture: how to find honey ants, bush tucker, dancing, language.  

Dulcie has been coming to the Yarrenyty Arltere Learning Centre since 2000 when she helped set it up as a place for her community to get well again from the chronic social issues it was facing. Dulcie wanted to create a safe place for the kids and adults to find new pathways into the future by holding on strongly to culture and learning together.  

Dulcie says she loves sewing. She sews after work on the weekend and even in hospital. She is a respected elder of the community and a positive role model for other artists.