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Clifford Thompson was brought up in Ali Curang. His mother’s country is Karlu Karlu (Devil’s Marbles) and his father’s country is Jarrah Jarrah, he belongs to the Kaytetye language group. Thompson has been a member of The Tennant Creek Brio since 2016 and has exhibited in Alice Springs and Darwin as well as participating in the 2020 Sydney Biennale. His preferred medium is acrylic on board, upon which he experiments with mesmerising spatial patterning – his bold and rhythmic line work depicts abstracted aspects of life in Tennant and Country, mainly from his mother’s country. In 2020, Thompson was introduced to ceramics and was mentored by potter Su Brown. He took a keen interest in hand building mugs, jugs and large platters and applying the unique style of painting he is known for through the Brio onto the pots he created. Thompson enjoys both painting and ceramic building primarily for its meditative qualities, through both mediums, he is able to connect with country and remember his ancestors.