Carbiene McDonald



Born in



Papunya, NT

Lives in

Papunya, NT



Carbiene McDonald was born in Papunya in 1961, son of Snowy McDonald and as a young man, he travelled back to his father's homelands and inherited his Tjukurrpa (Dreaming). This Dreaming is associated with a series of waterholes running between Docker River and Kata Tjuta. Specifically, it includes four important sites: Petermann Ranges, Docker River, Kalaya Murrpu (Blood's Range) and Mulyayti near Kata Tjuta.

Carbiene’s work embodies quality of innovation within tradition, and his practice of filling the canvas with coloured squares of loose acrylic paint creates work of immense depth and sophistication. Having only taken up painting later in life in 2018, his passion for painting coupled with his extreme dedication and enthusiasm has led him to quickly make a name for himself.

Winner of the prestigious Hadley’s Art Prize (2019), finalist in the Vincent Lingiari Art Award (2019) his work is held in Art Gallery of NSW Collection, Charles Darwin University Collection and in private collections in Australia.

Courtesy of Papunya Tjupi Arts